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NordQR is the cloud solution that has everything you need to manage your restaurant menu.

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Update your menu in seconds, not days

Configure the details of each dish and save the changes. The public menu is updated instantly.

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One QR code for all your menus

Forget about printing new menus or QR codes every time you change or add a dish. With NordQR all your menus are synchronized with the same QR and you decide when they appear.

Multi language

Make it easy for your foreign customers by offering menus in additional languages. You can add as many as you want.
Don't know how to write in other languages? Use the automatic translation.

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Get feedback

Offer your guests the opportunity to rate their experience in your restaurant. Only you will be able to see the reviews.

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Scan this QR to see a menu just like your clients would do.

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"NordQR has been great for our restaurant. Now we can update our dishes whenever we want without having to print new menus."

David Ferrer

Damon Grill Restaurant

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NordQR an app?

NordQR is not a native app and therefore your customers will not need to go through the App Store or Play Store. The moment they scan your QR code, they will be redirected to a web page with your restaurant menu.

Is it easy to create a menu with QR?

Yes of course. NordQR is easy to use and makes it possible to create a digital menu for your restaurant without programming or design knowledge. In the NordQR editor you can drag and drop dishes and sections (starters, main courses...). Once you save the changes, the menu will be updated and synchronized with the QR code at your tables.

Can I change prices or dishes?

Yep! You can change all the details of the menu whenever you want. Have you run out of a dish? No problem, access the control panel and hide it from your menu so that your customers can’t order it.

Can I connect my restaurant domain with NordQR?

By default, the menu page is associated with a unique NordQR URL. If you want a more professional look, simply connect your restaurant domain with NordQR. The process is very simple and will not take you more than a few minutes. This option is only available on the Pro plan.

Can I use NordQR for free?

Of course! You can use NordQR absolutely free with the Basic plan. If you’d like to extend the limit of dishes and menus available or use additional features such as multi-language or reviews, you can upgrade to the Lite or Pro plans at any time.

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